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Max Martin - President 

Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and raised in New York City, Max Martin is currently the President/CEO of the Hispanic Community Council of Chautauqua County.  Max is also a veteran of the United States Navy, and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information at Tampa College and Masters in Business Administration from Florida Metropolitan University.  Max is the former President and CEO of TriniTech Inc., a multi-national computer technology corporation, and is also the founder and CEO of Diabetes Wellness Clinic of America, based in Gilbert, Arizona.  While serving in his current leadership role with the Hispanic Community Council, Max is also an instructor and Hispanic Outreach Coordinator at Jamestown Business College.


Alfonso Pagan - Secretary 

Pastor Alfonso Pagan was born in Puerto Rico and move to Jamestown 30 years ago. Al Pagan is the Pastor of the Nueva Vida Covenant Church in Jamestown and also serves as a Metro board of the Eastside YMCA. He was previously a board member of the Joint Neighborhood Project, Jamestown City Councilman, and Outreach Pastor for the Chautauqua Correntional Institute and also worked if Cornell Cooperative Extension as a coach / educator.


Yamil Melendez - Treasure 
Pastor Yamil Melendez was born in Puerto Rico and move to Jamestown 2 years ago. Yamil Melendez is the Pastor of Iglesia Pentecostal Casa Resturadora in Jamestown.




Leslie Anderson 

Specialize in Translation - English to Spanish.


Yanira Martir 

Staff Member of the Chautauqua Striders


Jose Foe 
Assistant Pastor of Alca de Salvacion in Jamestown.

Kimberly Millan 

Specialize in Translation - English to Spanish.


Nilza Mojica 

COI - Fatherhood Services

Yaneshka Rodriguez 

Community Member

Rosa Rios 

Community Member

The primary goal of the Latino Community should be to insure a healthy, nurturing, cultural environment uniting together as one voice with a real genuine concern and care for its community.

A better and more positive change needs to be undertaken and developed in the way the Latino Community looks at the different social backgrounds. From within our cultural we must bring about a more consistent attitude of encouragement and acceptance of these differences through positive actions. Latinos must united as a group without bias and prejudice.

The Latino Community has a multifaceted and great historical culture. It is our desire that these facets come together: 

  • Latinos need to be Americans First on this particular common ground because of allegiance, citizenship and residency. In no other country than America can a community such as ours enjoy to the extent that we do the freedom of choices we have here in America along with a safe environment to work and live. There is no doubt here that the greatest potential to prosperity for our culture is available and can be achieved like no other place in the world today. 

  • Secondly, we need to unite together our common backgrounds, language and historical Spanish point of reference. All Latinos search Spain as the motherland. 

  • Lastly, unite our place of birth and origin by honoring and celebrating each individual country's family values, flavor of food, sport, art and music.

The Latino Community should be supportive of the successes of its community through encouragement and facilitating the needs and dreams of its community, continuing to seek the goal of the common good for all. By no means, as a united community, are we advocating any particular political agenda or that the participants be influenced to do so.

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