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What can we do about?
We encourage you to join us in finding solutions to the educational future of our children. We need to establish public service announcements (PSA s) specifically aimed at Hispanics. There are hundreds of news media and nationwide radio, television, cable, newspapers galore, weekly and monthly magazines and a range of communication resources at our disposal.

What are we missing?
We need the money for large corporations in America to do this. We also need funds thousands of foundations which their economic contribution represents only 0.1% of Hispanic non-profit. More importantly. We need you. We must join forces to create an agenda for change. 


How can we help? Contacting
We need to fight the plague that inequality has become a pandemic and methods to educate parents about the importance of their involvement and participation in the education of their children. We are all responsible. We need your commitment.



¿Qué podemos hacer sobre?
Le exhortamos a unirse a nosotras en búsqueda de soluciones al futuro educativo de nuestros niños. Necesitamos establecer anuncios de servicio públicos (PSA s) específicamente dirigidos a los Hispanos. Existen cientos de medios noticiosos como radios a nivel nacional, canales de televisión, cable, periódicos en abundancia, revistas semanales y mensuales y una gama de recursos de comunicación a nuestra disposición.

¿Qué nos falta? 
Nos falta el dinero de Corporaciones grandes de América para hacer esto. También necesitamos los fondos de miles de fundaciones las cuales su contribución económica representa solo un 0.1% a entidades hispanas sin ánimos de lucro.


High School



Jamestown Business College

Brenda Salemme

7 Fairmount Ave

Jamestown, NY 14701

(716) 664-5100


Jamestown Community College
Kirk D. Young, Ph.D.

525 Falconer St 

Jamestown, NY 14701

 (716) 338-1000


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